Sunday, December 24, 2017

Movie Review: Tiger Zinda Kyon Hai?

To me Ek Tha Tiger was a pain of 2.5 hours. As soon as I saw the promos of the sequel I thought the pain just got doubled, that is, 5 hours. I started to ask myself Tiger Zinda Kyon Hai?
Tiger Zinda hai takes the so called story of Ek Tha Tiger it to a all together different level. It would have all but fallen flat on its mouth if it was not for this man called Salman Khan. His Charisma, Screen presence, Dialogues delivery and Expressions(yes you read it right) make it a must watch for all Salman Fans.

Image Source: The Hindu
It has those leave your brain at your home moments in abundance but lets not talk about it; it also has Katrina who we know is past her prime but leave it for now; and lets not even talk about the big loop holes in the script and screenplay. Let’s just focus on the Tiger because he is the one who is alive and kicking. After all we wait weekend after weekend to see him on the screen performing those heroics. Is that not a good enough reason for us to spend some 250+ bucks and 180 minutes of our weekend time. After all for some unknown reason we owe it to him(and to the other Superstars), don’t we?
This movie reminded me of the larger than life nuisence that the Great Mahmohan Desai used to create on screen by having Mr. Bachchan pull of Miracles in movies like Coolie and Mard.

We all secretly love those larger than life stories and acts that make superstars like Amitabh and Rajnikanth. Director Ali Abbas Zafar makes Salman do exactly that. Who would not love to see our superstar kill thousands of terrorists along with his lady love Katrina. Our inner self wants to see these miracles happen and that is exactly why it is worth the time and money. Go for it Salman Fans.

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