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Kahaani 2 Durga Rani Singh And Demonetisation Of Rs 500,1000 Currency Notes Have A Lot In Common

Movie Review Kahaani 2 Durga Rani Singh

Before we jump into finding out what is common between Kahaani 2 Durga Rani Singh and Demonetisation Of Rs 500, Rs1000 Currency Notes, let us go back to the 1970s and 1980s and look at the following two movie posters:

Amitabh Bachchan IN & AS Coolie

Dharmendra Plays Pocket Maar

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What do these posters suggest? They tell us that there was a time when the movie stars used to carry a brand which was bigger than the movie itself. Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendra are two living legends who carried this brand in the era of 1970s and 1980s. Mind you, it was not just restricted to the posters, even the movie titles used to first flash the name of the superstar and then flash the name of the movie. 

Yes, some stars have a brand value that puts them ahead of the name of the movie itself. When you watch Kahaani 2 Durga Rani Singh don't fail to note that Vidya Balan's name comes ahead of the name of the movie itself. That tells you that Vidya Balan is a brand with immense value.

Now coming back to the review:

What Works Well?

One of my friend sent a WhatsApp text while watching the movie: 'Interval of Kahaani 2 - What a Movie!'

After the movie was over, he sent another text which was more of a caution to ignore all the reviews because some reviews leak the suspense/ thrill. But no worries, you can continue reading this post because there are no spoilers ahead.

Yes, Kahaani 2 has a impeccable first half and the credit goes to the director Sujoy Ghosh. Sujoy is a brilliant story teller. He is mostly known for his great work in Kahaani (part 1) but very few people know that he has also done direction of Jhankaar Beats (2003), Aladin (2009), very popular short film Ahalya (2015) and few other movies.

Now talking about performances, in the beginning of this article we already proved that Vidya is a brand and she lives up to the expectations from the first frame to the last frame. With this act she just raised the bar higher for herself. Arjun Rampal does well as Inder but the surprise package is Jugal Hansraj in a very important role. Supporting cast is good and convincing.

There is no scope for songs. In a dark crime thriller background score plays a very important part and Kahaani 2 has a background score that will keep you engaged and guessing.

What Doesn't Work Well?

There is no doubt that the first half is extraordinary. However, when it comes to the second half there are few minor loopholes which will catch the eyes of the critic. Some may call the second half a screenplay of convenience where the director has taken too much liberty or in other words taken the audience for granted. This is exactly what is common between Kahaani 2 and demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes. Critics are of the opinion that demonetisation is the right thing to do but the government is taking the aam junta for granted.

But there is another thing in common, which is a good news, that both - (a) the movie going audience and (b) the aam junta - never listens to the critics. People are happy to support demonetisation even if they have to stand in long queues in front of the banks/ ATMs, similarly, the strong word of mouth, great performances, impeccable first half and brand value of Vidya Balan will be definitely supported by long queues at the Box office of Kahaani 2. Don't miss this if you have a penchant for bollywood thrillers.

Note: Due to sensitive subject parental guidance is recommended. Look at the censor certification before taking your kids to the theatre.

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