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Sultan Inspires, Motivates & Has Blockbuster Written All Over It

Movie Review: Sultan
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Cast: Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Randeep Hooda(special appearance) & Amit Sadh
Produced by Yashraj Films/ Aditya Chopra
Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar

About the director:
Director Ali Abbas Zafar is known for his earlier hit films with Yashraj studios: Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Gunday. Before he directed these movies he has worked as an assistant director for multiple movies like NewYork, Tashan and Badmaash Company etc. This time he comes up with Sultan, this is his biggest project, he has not only directed the movie but has also contributed towards story, dialogues and screenplay.

Story: If you have seen the promos, story is a no brainer. It is about a wrestler who fights his battle not only within the ring but also outside the ring with challenges that life throws at him.

What is so Special about Sultan?

The story, screenplay and overall concept is a winner in itself. It is an inspiring and motivating film. It fills you with energy and pumps you up for fighting your own life battle. It tells you that no one in this world can defeat you unless you allow yourself to get defeated. Kudos to Yashraj studios for producing hits one after another and especially to Ali Abbas Zafar for his exceptional work as the story teller and director.

Performances: Salman khan is in his own element. Director Ali Abbas Zafar has presented Salman in a very stylish avatar. It will not be a overstatement to say that Zafar has presented Salman as a true superstar, which Sooraj Barjatya has been doing successfully for many years now. Salman's looks, physique and body has been toned in such a way that shows him aging along with the story. In some sequences Salman resembles the Dharmendra of 1970's and 1980s, he is at his carefree best like the legendary He Man Dharmendra. Extremely power packed performance that Salman's fan will fall in love with. Anushka plays her part well. She is convincing as a female wrestler and plays the emotional part extremely well. Amit Sadh gets a very important part which he plays with finesse. This is his second big outing after Kai Po Che and the actor plays his part really well.

Music: Songs and music are very good, some songs are already top chartbusters. Background music goes well with the mood of the movie, specially The Sultan Title Song/ Sultan Anthem has been used very well during the Take Down fight sequences.

What doesn't work well?
There are hardly any faults. Length of the movie is about 170 minutes. Editing is done well, however, some sequences could have been shortened or may be one of the songs can be reduced. There are few illogical scenes/ loop holes but those are very rare and can be ignored safely.

Recommendation: Don't miss this if you are a Salman fan. If you have ever felt low in life this may just be the tonic of motivation and inspiration that you were waiting for. Sultan has blockbuster written all over it.

Trivia: There is a movie with the same name titled as Sultaan. It stars Mithun Chakraborty and Dharmendra in a special appearance. Incidently, Dharmendra also starred in the 1983 movie Razia Sultan.

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