Friday, October 24, 2014

Movie Review: Happy New Year

Movie Review: Happy New Year

Is Happy New Year Worth Your Money?

Read on, look at the greenred and yellow signals to decide for yourself.

Note: We DO NOT reveal the story. We DO NOT give ratings. We just tell you what worked v/s what didn't work from our perspective. We let you make your own rating/ decision.

What To Expect: 

When a movie is titled as "Happy New Year" and if you have seen the trailer you expect a high quality masala entertainer. Not a movie with a social message or moral value. So before you buy the ticket you already know what to expect.

What is Good:

Performances: Very Good
Shahrukh is in excellent form. But this is a masala entertainer and he has given space to all other costars as well. Deepika is mind blowing, Farah Khan has been able to extract an exceptional performance from her. Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood and Boman Irani fit their part very well. Vivan Shah has very limited opportunity to perform. Jackie Shroff plays his part with ease and looks good.

Production Value: Excellent
Filmed at multiple locations, specifically Dubai. Excellent camera work and cinematography. Excellent Art work. Lot of money spent on almost everything.

Music: Very Good
Songs and beats are catchy and background music goes hand in hand with the story. Makes the movie lively and makes sure you don't lose interest in the plot.

Plot and Story: Good
This is a typical revenge story. Plot of diamond robbery is also not new. We have seen several bollywood movies on these topics. But this one has been weaved well with the overall emotional content, thrill, action, comedy and music.

Script, Execution, Direction: Excellent
The director of Main Hoon Na and Om Shanti Om returns with one more power-packed entertainer. This is Farah Khan's best work till date. It has the stamp of her style on all the frames. Thumbs Up.

What is Not So Good:

Length/ Run Time: 3 Hours
This one has almost 180 minutes of run time which might test your patience. Few scenes, for example, SRK's fight sequence with Korean guy could have been curtailed.


Content: Some jokes are cheap.

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  1. Saw it twice and smiled the whole time. Excellent performance by SRK but I didn't expect less from the Baadshah. The whole cast made the film and Farah Khan proved that she owned her craft in that genre. If you want a full entertainement movie, go for it! You'll be happy.