Friday, December 18, 2015

Movie Review: Dilwale

No spoilers. Why? Because there is nothing to spoil. 
This is Shahrukh's worst gangster movie, even worse than Ram Jaane.


Watch it strictly only if you are a BIG fan of SRK and Kajol. Everything else may disappoint you. Watch it if you think that this is 1995 and not 2015 and Rohit Shetty can get SRK and Kajol to re-create the magic of DDLJ.
Watch it if you believe that Golmaal Returns was an entertainer. But if you are a real SRF fan you would actually end up asking Why Shahrukh Why? Chennai Express was enough.

Direction: Rohit Shetty

Producer: Gauri Khan
Actors: Shahrukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan, Kirti Sanon

What to Expect?
If you go by the history of Rohit Shetty productions and seen the promos of Dilwale all you expect is a masala entertainer with loads of actions and comedy.

Does it Deliver?

Honestly there is nothing to deliver. First half is engaging but the second half is very predictable. There is no meat left once the plot unfolds towards interval. The audience who loved DDLJ has grown 20 years older and they have moved on, love sequences of SRK and Kajol now seem to be a drag.

What Works Well?

1. Kajol is natural as always. Her makeup man did a pretty decent job in presenting her.
2. Shahrukh is his usual self. Does what he does always.
3. One or two sequences create comedy, but it is very limited.

What Doesn't Work Well?
1. Very predictable story line. Second half is dull.
2. Varun Dhawan still has a long way to go before he becomes the next Govinda.
3. There are no genuine bad guys. Boman Irani irritates after a while.
4. Climax has zero content and impact.
5. Vinod Khanna and Kabir bedi are wasted in their brief roles.

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