Saturday, August 5, 2017

Jab Harry Met Sejal Is Waste Of Time And Money

We are in not in the 1990s and Imtiaz Ali is not Aditya Chopra.
It won't be a long review because I couldn’t stand it for more than 42 minutes. It started to irritate in the very beginning itself. What a crap of a movie!
I don't understand why the directors keep making movies on the same concept over and over again. Making movies after movies on the lost and found formula used to work in the 1970s because there was no other source of entertainment, people had to go to the cinema halls, they had no choice at all. 
But now, in the year 2017 why would someone do that? Recently Salman and Kabir Khan did the mistake of making Tubelight which was based on the same concept as Bajrangi Bhaijaan. It ended up being a failure. Same may happen to Jab Harry Met Sejal. Imtiaz Ali movies are mostly based on the same concept that they hero and the heroine will meet alone either on a tour or on a holiday or they will just run away and then fall in love. Isn't that what happened in Socha na tha, Jab we met, Highway, Tamasha etc. So why do we need one more movie with the same concept?

Honestly I wasn’t surprised though. The promos had crap written all over it but I had no choice but to watch it with some friends. Shahrukh and Anushka try hard but there is no solid story and the script and screenplay is pretty average.
SRK in his fifties should look for roles like Chak De India. If you are a SRK and Anushka fan you would be better off watching Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.

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