Saturday, October 7, 2017

Judwaa 2 - No Method In The Madness

We are in 2017 and even though David Dhawan is still David Dhawan; Varun is neither Salmaan nor Govinda.

Fundamental problem with Judwaa is that it is a remake. May be if they had tried something new it would have worked better.
Varun Dhawan tries to be both Salmaan and Govinda in a single movie. Result: Even his dad who made some of the best no brainer entertainers with Salmaan and Govinda could not help.
Tapsee Pannu tries very hard to break out of her good strong girl image but fails. Baby, Pink and Naam Shabana are not leaving her alone.
Jacqueline continues to be Jacqueline. Thats why they cast her. Don’t they?
Bottomline Judwaa 2 is as irritating as the original Judwaa, may be a touch more. Keep your brain at home movies have become successful in the past but there should be a method in the madness. Just plain madness doesn’t work.
It may just get lucky at the box office as there is no major competitor on the long weekend.

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